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Receive specialist complex care for you or your loved ones at home.

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Servoca Complex Care is a specialist complex health care provider, with extensive experience in providing care at home and live-in complex care provision with clinical interventions. We are CQC regulated and manage a broad range of private, council and Continuing Healthcare (CHC) packages

What is complex care?

Complex care is for a person with a chronic or long-term health condition who requires extra assistance in their own home. Our home care is centered on their needs and personal requirements. The person-centered care enables a better quality of life by managing their symptoms, day-to-day activities and enabling them to remain in their own home. Our approach to complex care is to provide tailored support around the individual’s needs and requirements, therefore enabling them to retain their independence as much as possible.

Who can benefit from complex care?

Complex care can include any conditions that require clinical support, such as spinal injuries and acquired brain injuries, to degenerative and neurological conditions, learning disabilities and mental health needs. It can also be for people who require nursing care for tracheostomy care, airway management, gastrostomy management, insulin/diabetes management, oxygen care, tissue viability, bowel care, specialised techniques for medication, urinary care and specialist spinal care along with more.

Does complex care differ from general domiciliary care?

These two types of care do differ from one another; often complex care involves medical intervention and involvement with specialists such as nurses and clinicians that specialise in the individual’s particular condition.

How does your bespoke complex care support work?

We provide a range of services, from live in carers to 24-hour care packages, as well as home care/domiciliary visits within complex care packages.

Our person-centered service is designed around the needs, preferences and aspirations of each client. Our approach engages people at the heart of care planning, outcome monitoring and review. We work collaboratively with individuals, family members, advocates and healthcare professionals to jointly produce bespoke care plans designed around an individual’s unique needs.

We understand the importance of having the right carer for each individual and take pride in providing care staff that are suited to each person’s wishes and needs.

At Servoca Complex Care, we focus on supporting clients to reach their full potential and helping to promote their independence. To ensure this is achieved, our care plans are carefully written in conjunction with the client and their families/representative by our trained registered managers who will ensure they are outcome based and person focused.

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Arranging Complex Care

If you would like to find out more about complex care for yourself or a loved one, contact us today to speak to a member of our complex care team. We will discuss your care needs and arrange a consultation with a local care manager. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Complex Care