Heatwave: How to stay cool in the warm weather

With temperatures rising, we want to make sure everyone is staying cool and safe in the heat

Heatwave: How to stay cool in the warm weather Decorative Swirl

With temperatures hitting records and heatwaves happening around the world, we need to ensure we are protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

Whilst being in the sun can be a wonderful thing, extreme heat can be extremely dangerous, affecting younger and older people, pregnant women, and those with chronic health conditions. Our workers do such an important role, that can’t be put off for a few days and with them looking after vulnerable people, we want to provide some top tips for not only looking after yourself but also others.

Protect yourself
Unfortunately, many can’t avoid going out during the hottest hours. If out in direct sunlight, wear and regularly apply sunscreen, keep your head and shoulders covered, and regularly take breaks out of the sun and in the shade. Wear clothes that are loose-fitting to help you keep cool.

Drink plenty of water
Make sure you and your clients are drinking water regularly throughout the day, as we sweat, liquids are lost, so to avoid dehydration they need to be replaced. Try to avoid caffeine and stick to water. Dehydration if untreated can lead to heat exhaustion, symptoms to watch out for include dizziness, confusion, headaches, and dry mouth. If symptoms worsen you should seek emergency help.

Keep cool
Keeping skin cool is a great way to cool yourself down. If regular showers can be taken this is ideal, if not you can quickly cool yourself down by putting your hands or feet in cold water. Wrists and ankles have lots of pulse points where blood vessels are close to the skin, so you will cool down quickly.

Keep your house cool
Naturally, when the sun is out, many of us want to open windows and doors but this often lets in the warmer air from outside. Keeping them closed and closing any curtains or shutters, can help keep the cool air in and hot air out. Once the temperature has cooled down later in the evening, you can then open them to let the cool air circulate.

Keeping cool at night
Try sleeping in the coolest part of your home if possible, often the ground floor is the coolest as heat rises. Jumping into a cold shower is tempting, but having a lukewarm one before bed can help bring the body temperature down slowly. Cool mats can help you stay cool in the evening, place either over your pillows or under your sheets. If you don’t have access to these, putting your bedding in your freezer is a great way to help you stay cool whilst drifting off.

In summary, the key points are, stay hydrated, regularly apply sunscreen, and regularly take breaks in the shade if you have to be outdoors for long periods.

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